Pragati Sethy,BPO-1

The culture of this company is great.Being a call center environment,everyone I worked with was amazing.As this was my first job,I have truly enjoyed my job.I wish more and more students from Dinabandhu Foundation should join here and should get chance to create their identity.

Gayatri Mahakud,BSA-1

Life Circle is a company where one can have fun along with good income.Here I have enjoyed each day of my working.Many things I have learnt after joining here.How to work with team members and how to achieve the target togetherly.I have also solved financial issues of my family after working here.I have learnt how to work consistently with less absentism from my manager. As I always work with dedication and getting good feedback from my patients,m always getting praised among all in my company.

Krishna Dehury,ELE-1

During my training period,I always dreamed to get more money in my job.I am thankful to Dinabandhu Foundation as I got selected to work in such a big company Motherson.During my initial days,I tried to learn the responsibilities of my production line quickly.When I was asked to work over time,I was nervous.Then Istarted enjoying my work and my first month income was nearly 15000.

It was like dream come true moment for me.I consistently worked there and learnt to operate machines.It was a great company to start my career and I always wish other students from my institute to come and join here.because here they will get good amount of salary and can add a great experience to their career.