Its my task to review the performance of every team through their team leads. But I remember few accommodation issues came to me during first 10 days of their joining,but later on I have never noticed a single issue for them.I personally feel proud of your candidates because they all are self motivated and self-driven.They all are good at their roles and have proved to be the best in their team.Their team leaders also praised them many times for their honesty and dedication.We always look forward to hire more candidates from Dinabandhu Foundation,Odisha.

Life Circle Health Services Pvt Ltd,Hyderabad

I have already worked with Anima madam and hired candidates from her.I am always confident about Odisha candidates because of their dedication. During their work days,they always resolve their issues by them .Even we always get full support from Dinabandhu team whenever it is required. They counsel the candidates through phone,physically also.In many cases,issues of the candidates got solved by them before coming to us.

Motherson Group,Ahmedabad

Being a manpower supplier,we always find maximum percentage of retention in Odisha candidates.When we started hiring candidates from Dinabandhu Foundation through Mr Girija,we got very good cooperation from them.In every two or three months,one of their representative used to visit our company.It helped us in retaining the candidates.They are always in touch with us which really helped us in many ways.After getting this experience from Dinabandhu candidates,we would be glad to hire more and more candidates from Dinabandhu Foundation without any second thought.