As the mobilization procedure is based on panchayat saturation approach, the success of the programme hinges on active participation of VLOs and GPs. Identify and develop a database of eligible candidates as per conditions specified in the guidelines, VLOs helps us to contact candidates and their parents and take active participation in the counselling and screening process.

We provide a mobilization plan and its execution plan as finalized with SRLM with the list of Gram panchayats for mobilization of candidates. We also brief the DMMU on the screening methodology to be adopted by them and the domain training they intend to offer to the candidates from that block.

We share their activity plan, mobilization calendar, entitlement chart and any other relevant information useful for the candidates with the DMMU so that transparency is established and maintained in implementing the schemes. The DMMU facilitates mobilization of the candidates with the right aptitude and necessary qualifications for the domain. In this mobilization process DMMU actively engage Village Level Organizations (VLOs).


A brief and an indicative outline for counselling of candidates is indicated below opted by DINABANDHU FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATIONAL RESAERCH AND SOCIO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Using the outline given below candidate gets a realistic picture of the profession he is planning to join.

. Brief about the industry
ii. Roles and responsibilities to be handled at the different stages of the tenure of job.
iii. Entry level in the industry after completion of training.
iv. SWOT analysis of industry.
v. Major employers in the industry.
vi. Employers having tie-ups with our organization.
vii. Location wise presence of the industry.
viii. Salary range (break-up in details).
ix. Facilities available with the employers.
x. Average number of hours of duty per day and whether the job involves work in different shifts.
xi. Usually permitted list of holidays.
xii. Arrangement of food, transport and accommodation at job site.
xiii. Risk factors.
xiv. Level to be achieved to join the industry.
xv. Career development opportunity.